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Custom-made furniture in Melbourne: Imagined by you, made by us

At El Lobo, we love clients who dream big. Whether your idea is fully-formed or it’s still a seedling, have a chat with Ceren and she’ll bring it to life. Colours, fabrics and finishes — she’ll use her decade of experience to pull everything together and create a piece just right for you and your home.

From design to delivery, we pride ourselves on giving each customer a tailored experience, and not for the price you’d expect. Bespoke and budget-friendly. Now there’s two words you don’t hear together very often.

Non-toxic finishes and designs to remain true to the natural feel of wood.

Our ready-to-ship furniture

In a hurry to get your hands on a piece of El Lobo? Then take a look at our range of pre-made pieces. They’re just as distinct as our bespoke designs but are ready to be picked up in-store (or delivered to your doorstep, if you prefer).

Eco-friendly, all the time

We’re firm subscribers to the ‘waste not, want not’ mentality. For us, sustainability is always on-trend, and our dedication to guilt-free furniture can be seen throughout our whole manufacturing process. Most of our materials are sourced from landfills and demolition sites. We pick them up, dust them off and turn them into something incredible in our very own Melbourne workshop. By keeping it local, we reduce our carbon footprint, too.