Care and maintenance

El Lobo works with reclaimed materials, wood, steel, and glass from buildings and historical landmarks from all over Australia.

Be it bits of the old Channel 9 building, the walkway from the Princess Wharf, or beams from the Docklands, every time you sit at the family table, a part of their history becomes your own.

We sand and polish the wood by hand using food-grade oils that remain honest to the feel of naked wood, yet protect it.

The finished surface is water and heat resistant, and feels silky to the touch.

All our products are coated in Osmo, an organic, non-toxic, scratch and water-resistant, wax-based oil.
It’s very low maintenance but there are a few things to watch out for.
As the timber used is solid, please give it time to adjust and acclimatise to your home.
Please do not leave soaking in water or wash in the dishwasher.
Try not to let any water or moisture sit on the timber for too long, clean it off with a lint free cloth as soon as
you can.
Daily maintenance can also be done with a damp lint-free cloth and soap.
Please remember to clean the soap or detergent off as it will eat into the surface oils if you leave it on.
Do not use blue-chucks, scourers, or chemicals on the surface. They will damage the Osmo coating and
cause surface checking and discolouration.
Please remember to put protection on the timber if you’re going to put hot oil (like hot Chinese take-out)
directly on – hot oil may penetrate the finish and soak into the timber.
If you need a more thorough clean, you may choose to mix salt and lemon juice to scrub the surface, then
clean it up with a lint-free damp cloth.
The finish lasts a very long time, but you can always maintain it with more OSMO, cutting board oil of your
choice, or a food grade vegan oil like walnut if need be.
we love the items we make to show they’re lived with, not tip-toed around.

All our products share high-quality material and build-quality to top the standards set for handmade furniture. A team of talented craftspeople is brilliant in producing innovative and creative furniture designs that can win over anyone in the first appearance. Keeping the care and maintenance in mind, we create all our products flawlessly for easy clean and long-lasting durability.