Materials and Finishes

El Lobo works with reclaimed materials, wood, steel, and glass from buildings and historical landmarks from all over Australia.

Be it bits of the old Channel 9 building, the walkway from the Princess Wharf, or beams from the Docklands, every time you sit at the family table, a part of their history becomes your own.

We sand and polish the wood by hand using food-grade oils that remain honest to the feel of naked wood, yet protect it.

The finished surface is water and heat resistant, and feels silky to the touch.

We aim to make custom furniture as attractive and artistic as possible. However, there are times you like some more tweaks not available on the website. At El Lobo, we make sure that all your requests are heard and implemented accordingly. We believe in putting a smile at your face and that’s why our craftsmen make your ideas come to life.

After making the furniture of sturdy wood material of your choice, we protect it through special liquids suitable for the wood type, providing it a long-life through a protective layer. We make it look elegant and rich by emphasizing its figure and color. The layer helps protect the wood from dirt and especially, moisture.