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The Workshop

The El Lobo workshop: where the magic happens

Our workshop is where Ceren gets her hands dirty. Everything you see online and in-store, as well as all custom-made orders, is carefully crafted in this creative space.

But it hasn’t always been this way. El Lobo was born in a shared workshop in the Dockland’s wooden boat centre, which is where Ceren really learned the tools of the trade. With a little help from the master boat builders working beside her, she soon learned how to make pretty things, pretty sturdy. Honing in on the industrial side of furniture making has helped Ceren perfect her craft, allowing her to create incredible pieces, built to last a lifetime.

We now operate out of a roomy 1000sqm space in Caulfield, which Ceren can call her own. It may not be far from our original spot, but we sure have come a long way.

Custom-made furniture, recycled materials

Before Ceren even steps foot in the workshop, she needs to find the resources to play with. El Lobo prides itself on using only recycled materials, and we have adventurous methods of obtaining it. From scouring landfills to asking nicely at historical landmarks, we’re always on the hunt for hardwood, metals and the like to create beautiful, innovative furniture.